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Product Description

The SUPR-Q is a 13 item questionnaire for measuring Usability, Credibility/Trust, Loyalty and Appearance of websites. Download a spreadsheet to generate a percentile ranking to see where a website compares to a database of 200 other websites.

How it Works

  1. Have users of a website answer the 13 SUPR-Q items: Do this either by using a pop-up on a website, a survey or after a usability test.
  2. Paste the responses into the Excel calculator: The calculator automatically generates percentile ranks for a global score and each of the four sub-scales (Usability, Credibility, Loyalty and Trust).
  3. Compare your results to other websites: For the full license, you can see how your score compares a list of 100 websites across a dozen industries, government and academic institutions.
  4. Unlimited Users and Tests: The license permits you to administer the SUPR-Q for an unlimited number of tests, users and websites. There are no expensive scoring costs or hidden fees per use.

Demonstration of the SUPR-Q Calculator

SUPR-Q Background

The SUPR-Q (Standardized Universal Percentile Rank) measures the essential aspects of a website in just 13 multiple choice questions.

It was developed through a process called psychometric qualification, in which the best 13 items from a pool of 75 candidate items were identified. The items were winnowed down by only retaining those which generated high internal reliability, loaded highest across common factors, had the highest item-total correlation and could discriminate best between websites.

The database contains responses from almost 10,000 participants across 200 websites.

Usability: If users can't accomplish what they want to do, find the product they're looking for, or complete their purchase, it's as if like the information or product doesn't exist. A usable experience means a profitable experience.

Credibility (Trust, Value & Comfort): Does the website sell products and collect credit card information? Are you gathering email addresses to build a subscriber base? If users don't trust your website, which for many companies is synonymous with their company and brand, they won't give up their information and website growth is impeded.

Loyalty: Are users talking about your website favorably or are they telling their friends to avoid it like the plague? Will they return to the website and purchase more things or at least see what you have to say? These two items touch upon repeat usage from existing customers and net-new usage from new customers.

Appearance: Is your website looking like it's circa 1998 and is the appearance hindering the experience? Users form impressions of your website based on the appearance in just a few seconds.

More information on the psychometric validation of the SUPR-Q.

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