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Crash Course in Z-Scores

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Product Description

A complete and concise 51 page tutorial on how to compute, interpret and use of one of the most important concepts in statistics: z-scores. This crash course includes dozens of pictures, review questions and two full z-score look-up tables.

Features & Benefits

This 40 page report contains:
  • 27 diagrams and images
  • 27 Review Questions with detailed answers and explanations
  • A pictorial review of the mean, standard deviation and normal distribution and how they relate to z-score
  • How to use z-score tables and software
  • A look-up table of z-score to percent
  • A look-up table of percent to z-scores
  • How to find the area from a z-score
  • How to find a z-score for a percent of area
  • How to find a z-score for a single data-point and a sample mean

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