Lookup Areas under the normal curve with 7 calculators with auto-updating graphsThe tutorial includes many visualizations and FAQ’sA 51 pages tutorial with 11 helpful lessons and plenty of exercises

zScore Package

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Product Description

This package contains both the popular 51 page Crash Course in zScores tutorial and the best-selling zScore Excel calculator at a discounted price.

Features & Benefits

Includes both the popular Z-Crash Course & zScore Calculator in one discounted package.
  • 7 Excel calculators for finding area for data-points and for means using z-scores
  • Calculates the area under the normal curve (both 1-tailed and 2-tailed) and z-scores with a real time updating graph in Excel (very cool!)
  • 51 pages of illustrated explanations, exercises, answers and FAQ's to help anyone understand z-scores

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