NPS Short Course Part 3:
Wording, Points and Alternatives

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A substantial number of Fortune 500 use the Net Promoter Score and even report on it in their earnings calls. The NPS is ubiquitous with some saying it even has a cult-like following among CEOs. But should it? Is the NPS actually harmful? Are there better alternatives? How do we know?

In Part 1 we covered the fundamentals of the NPS, critically examined its validity and reported on our own analyses about its ability to predict future metrics and compared to satisfaction. In Part 2 we covered the justification for the scoring system of the Net Promoter Score and its reliability.

In Part 3 We’ll Cover:

  • Is a single item sufficient to measure loyalty? What are some alternatives?
  • Do you really need 11 points in the scale?
  • Is asking people if they recommended better than if they will recommend?
  • Are UX metrics key drivers of Net Promoter Scores?
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