Online Study for IT Decision Makers

Thanks for your interest in our study!

MeasuringU is a market research firm conducting an anonymous study on how people make decisions about technology for their business. There are a few screening criteria at the beginning of the study to confirm your eligibility, and then you will be asked to complete a few tasks on a website and answer questions about your experience.

To participate in this study, please use the following link: IT Decision Makers Study

You will be compensated $25.00 for 20 minutes of your time (via PayPal, Amazon giftcard, Visa giftcard, or Facebook Payments).

If you have have any questions, please see our privacy policy or send us an email at .

We appreciate your time and effort contributing to our research!

*Note: Please do not rush through or provide haphazard answers. You will be asked to download our browser extension before taking the study, so we can record your actions during the tasks in the study. If the extension does not automatically uninstall, please follow the easy uninstall instructions below.

To uninstall from Chrome: Right click on the extension icon in the upper right of your browser, then select ‘Remove from Chrome…’ You will be asked to confirm this action, which will then completely uninstall the extension from your browser.

To uninstall from Firefox: Open the menu in the upper right of your browser, then click on ‘Add-ons’. From there you will see a list of the extension you have installed in your browser. Find the MeasuringU extension and select ‘Remove.’ This will uninstall the extension.
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