MOD 1000


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Product Description

The MOD 1000 Mobile Observation Device is a lightweight rig for recording mobile screens and interactions for usability tests. The macro focused camera is mounted on a lightweight aluminum plate with a grip-tight surface. The image of the user’s phone stays still while the user moves and manipulates their device instead of being confined to laying it flat on a desk.

With new mobile apps and websites being developed daily, mobile usability testing is becoming increasingly necessary. The MOD 1000 provides a clear and stable video of a participant’s mobile phone screen while allowing full articulated motion for the user.

Features & Benefits

The macro-focused camera is mounted on a lightweight aluminum plate with a grip surface. The image stays still while users can naturally move and manipulate their device instead of it being confined to laying flat on a desk.
  • Compatible: Software works on PCs and Macs
  • Lightweight: Comfortable even for small hands
  • Portable: Users can freely move while the image stays still
  • Grip-Surface: Holds phones in place even for steep angles
  • Gentle: Won’t damage or scratch phones
  • Flexible: Fits all size smartphones in portrait and landscape

Demonstration of the MOD 1000

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