Quantitative Starter Package for Usability Testing

Quantitative Starter Package for Usability Testing


Product Description

A package of the popular How to Conduct a Quantitative Usability Test Report and four of the most commonly used excel calculators for getting started measuring and reporting usability with confidence.


Features & Benefits

  • 64 Page PDF Premium Report on conducting quantitative usability tests.
  • Problem Frequency Calculator which allow you to estimate a problem’s impact on all users in small sample qualitative studies. If you see 2 out of 10 users experiencing a problem this calculator will provide the most likely percentage of users who will experience the problem (between 5% and 52%).
  • Average Task Time Calculator which handles non-normal task time data and provides confidence intervals around the most likely average time.
  • Task Completion Calculator provides the most accurate confidence interval around a small sample completion rate.
  • Questionnaire Confidence Interval Calculator provides a quick way to generate an accurate confidence interval around any size sample for rating scales.
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