Usability Statistics Package Expanded Education Edition

Usability Statistics Package Expanded Education Edition


Product Description

An educational license for the popular Usability Statistics Package calculator.

Features & Benefits

  • Covers the most needed Statistical Tests for Usability Data: Compare task times or completion rates; generate confidence intervals or compare a sample mean to a criterion (e.g. can at least 70% of users complete the task?)
  • Calculate Sample Size: For comparing applications or for a stand-alone usability test.
  • Designed for Small and Large Sample Data: Many lab-based usability tests have less than 15 users, and this package is designed to compute the correct results for both very small and very large sample sizes.
  • How to Report: Each statistical test comes with different ways of communicating the statistical results in plain English.
  • Corrects Non-Normal Task Time Data: Time on task data is positively skewed, making it incompatible with many statistical tests. The calculators automatically correct for the skewed data and generate accurate results.
  • No hidden Computations: See the cell formulas to better understand how the statistical tests are computed.
  • Customize the Formulas: Or integrate the calculators with other excel files and using excel’s built-in graphing and other statistical functions.
  • Easily Share Results: Using excel or link the calculators to other workbooks.
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