UX-Lite Full Course:
The Evolution of the UX-Lite Questionnaire

UX-Lite Full Course:
The Evolution of the UX-Lite Questionnaire

$300.00 for 1 year

Product Description

Adapted from the UMUX-Lite, which has its roots in the System Usability Scale and the Technology Acceptance Model, the UX-Lite is the result of five years of research at MeasuringU.

The UX-Lite is a two-item questionnaire adapted from the UMUX-Lite, with one item measuring perceived ease-of-use (Ease: “{Product} is easy to use”) and the other measuring perceived usefulness (Usefulness: “{Product}’s features meet my needs”). The goal of our two-part webinar is to present the results of five years of research and practice at MeasuringU that have led to the development of the UX-Lite.

In Part 1, we trace its evolution and the research on the three major ways in which it differs from the original UMUX-Lite:

  • Number of response options
  • Simplicity of item wording
  • Development of percentile norms for interpreting scores

In Part 2 we’ll cover:

  • What is the best way to use the UX-Lite to predict comparable SUS scores?
  • How accurate are UX-Lite to SUS score estimates? Do they correspond closely enough to use existing SUS benchmarks to interpret the UX-Lite?
  • What benchmarks and percentiles are available for the UX-Lite?
  • How do you display and use the UX-Lite?
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