Practical Statistics for User Research 1: Tutorial

Practical Statistics for User Research 1: Tutorial


Product Description

A 2.5 hour tutorial covering two core skills in user research: confidence intervals and comparing means and proportions (e.g. A/B testing). The tutorial reviews the fundamentals of the normal curve and measurement and covers most of the first five chapters of the book Quantifying the User Experience.

Topics Covered

2.5 hours of instruction which follow the structure of the book from Morgan Kaufmann: Quantifying the User Experience: Practical Statistics for User Research.

  • Fundamentals of Measurement and Statistics
  • The Normal Curve
  • Confidence Interval Overview
  • Confidence Intervals for Rating Scale Data
  • Confidence Intervals for Binary Data
  • Confidence Intervals for Task Time Data
  • Comparing Two Means
  • Comparing Two Proportions
  • 30 Minutes of Practice Exercises

Sample Clip

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