Measurement & Strategy Planning

Whether you’re introducing how to measure user experience to an organization or trying to advance the maturity of your UX practice, you need a plan to measure and improve the user experience.

Even if organizations embrace the idea of measuring the user experience, they face considerable challenges: where to start, what to measure, how to obtain enough qualified participants, what methods to use, and who owns the initiative?

A common challenge for organizations that are ready to embrace a more structured services to improving the user experience is knowing where to start. There’s a tendency to jump right into counting the number of usability problems identified, tracking the number of customers observed, conducting usability tests, and assessing the costs spent on upgrading lab equipment.

While these activities may play a role in your measurement strategy, it’s best to start with a plan to make the most of your efforts. MeasuringU works with you and stakeholders to create a UX measurement strategy from the top and working down to help separate inputs from outputs and be sure you are optimizing around the right metrics. This process is customized based on the needs of an organization but includes

  1. Understanding and defining the company Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  2. Assessing your organizations UX maturity.
  3. Benchmarking perceptions of the user experience.
  4. Associating UX measures to KPIs.
  5. Identifying and tracking top tasks by product areas.
  6. Benchmarking the user experience.
  7. Planning improvements.
  8. Finding the right mix of methods.
  9. Understanding how changes in designs improve the KPIs.
  10. Computing the Return on Investment (ROI).
  11. Performing a periodic UX audit.

typical engagement price:

$50,000- $80,000

typical duration:

8-16 weeks

Sample Output

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