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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Flower Delivery Websites (2024)

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and many shoppers will be turning toward online flower delivery services rather than visiting their local florist. Online flower delivery services continue to bloom because of the convenience, the wide selection, and the available personalization options. But when it comes to finding the right bouquet that is delivered fresh

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Banking Websites (2024)

Online banking is ubiquitous. Banking websites and apps are an integral part of our financial lives. They are no longer seen as merely nice-to-have features of a banking relationship. Consumers have come to expect the ability to do simple and complex banking transactions from their computers or phones. This digital transformation especially accelerated during the

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Home Furniture Websites (2024)

Choosing furniture, whether you’re moving into a new home or just updating your space, can feel like a daunting task. Spending hours browsing one furniture store after another may be overwhelming and time consuming. Many shoppers are skipping the brick-and-mortar furniture stores and turning to the web in search of stylish and competitively priced furniture

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Sample Sizes for Comparing Rating Scales to a Benchmark

Is product satisfaction above average? Is it best in class? Do customers have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the current product? When UX researchers want to measure attitudes and intentions, they often ask respondents to complete multipoint items like the one shown in Figure 1. It’s also common to set a target benchmark for

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Theme Park Websites (2023)

While life can feel like a metaphorical roller coaster, in some cases, there is a literal roller coaster. In 2021, over 100 million people ventured to a theme park in North America. For many of these visitors, the experience started well before the thrill of the ride, when they bought tickets and researched details about

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Sample Sizes for Comparing SUS to a Benchmark

The System Usability Scale (SUS) has been used in industrial user experience research since the mid-1980s. Despite its age, the SUS is still a popular measure, widely used in benchmark tests of software products to measure perceived usability. One reason for its popularity is the extent to which its measurement properties have been comprehensively studied

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UX and Net Promoter Benchmarks of Auto Insurance Websites

Fifteen minutes could save you 15%. Nationwide is on your side. You’re in good hands with Allstate. Auto insurance commercials are ubiquitous. It’s no wonder, considering the market. In 2020, the population of the United States was 331,000,000, and 230,000,000 Americans were licensed drivers. If you drive, you should have auto insurance. Until recently, most

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Three Goals of Usability Testing

The fundamental goal of usability testing is to produce highly usable products and services. That’s an uncontroversial statement. Where things can get a bit confusing is how different approaches to usability testing have different ways of achieving that goal. In earlier articles we have described the different types of usability tests but many types still

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The UX of Fitness and Nutrition Websites

Each January millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular is to lose weight and stay in shape. Gyms get packed each January, then around Valentine’s Day the “resolutionary” crowds tend to fade away. It’s not easy to change habits but several websites try to help you build the right fitness

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46 UX Metrics, Methods, & Measurement Articles from 2019

Happy new year from all of us at MeasuringU! In 2019 we posted 46 new articles and added significant new features to MUIQ—our UX testing platform—including think-aloud videos with picture in picture and an advanced UX metrics dashboard. We hosted our seventh UX Measurement Bootcamp, and MeasuringU Press published Jim Lewis’s book, Using the PSSUQ

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