Feature image: UX and NPS Benchmarks of Office Supply Websites (2023)

UX and NPS Benchmarks of Office Supply Websites (2023)

When people need office supplies, they’re unlikely to use Dunder Mifflin; instead, they’ll search online. But like the fictional paper supply company, many well-known office-supply brands (some with physical stores) have struggled to compete with Amazon and haven’t recovered from the impacts of COVID policies on in-person work. In 2019, Office Depot closed 50 stores,

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Electronics Websites (2023)

What do people buy online? Behind clothing, consumer electronics are at the top of the list. Beyond smartphones, people purchase computers, TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, and a myriad of smartphone accessories. Before purchasing, roughly half of US consumers research details about consumer products online, including features, reviews, and prices. To understand the electronics researching and

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rating scale data grid with foreground text reading: The Variability and Reliability of Standardized UX Scales

The Variability and Reliability of Standardized UX Scales

In an earlier article, we examined a large dataset of rating scale data. After analyzing over 100,000 individual responses from 4,048 multipoint items across 25 studies, we reported the typical standard deviations for five-, seven-, and eleven-point items. We found that the average standard deviation tended to be around 25% of the maximum range of

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microphone in front of laptop with recording software open on laptop screen, foreground text reads: Does Thinking Aloud Affect Study Metrics?

Does Thinking Aloud Affect Study Metrics?

One of the most popular UX research methods is Think Aloud (TA) usability testing. Having participants speak their thoughts while working on tasks helps researchers identify usability problems and potential fixes. After a TA session, many UX research teams also collect study-level metrics. Study-level metrics are typically asked only once in a study (unlike task-level

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Wireless Service Provider Websites (2023)

Smartphones are ubiquitous in modern life globally and in the US. Almost all Americans have smartphones (85%), with US sales expected to exceed 74 billion dollars. But people don’t just own them, they (we) use them—a lot! Average monthly data use worldwide is expected to increase from 19GB in 2023 to 46GB in 2028 (55GB

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How Variable Are UX Rating Scales? Data from 100,000 Responses

When working with UX metrics (e.g., rating scale data) you need to consider both the average and the variability of the responses. People have different experiences with interfaces, and sometimes they interpret items in rating scales differently. This variability is typically measured with the standard deviation. The standard deviation is a key ingredient in computing

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Clothing Retail Websites (2023)

Buying clothing starts online for many people. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic—during which 27% of US consumers said they intended to spend less on fashion and luxury items—the fashion and clothing sector has persevered as the largest B2C e-commerce market. Statista reported that the online fashion market is growing about 9.1% each year.

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48 UX Metrics, Methods, & Measurement Articles from 2022

All of us at MeasuringU® wish you a Happy New Year! In 2022, we posted 48 articles and welcomed several new clients to our MUIQ® UX testing platform, where we continue to add new features and reduce the friction in developing studies and analyzing results. We hosted our ninth UX Measurement Bootcamp—this time a blended

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Restaurant Reservation Websites (2022)

The COVID pandemic led to a precipitate drop in restaurant dining, but statistics from the end of 2022 show that more people are dining out now than before the pandemic. While considering the growing demand for a limited number of seats in desirable restaurants, Ali Francis (2022) wrote, “The spontaneous dinner is an endangered activity.

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Can UX Metrics Predict Future Grocery Purchases?

Are websites and products with a better user experience more profitable? If a user has a better experience, are they more likely to reuse, repurchase, and recommend the experience to others? While there is a strong interest in quantifying how a better user experience can impact the bottom line, there’s stubbornly little data to understand

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