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49 UX Metrics, Methods, & Measurement Articles from 2023

All of us at MeasuringU® wish you a Happy New Year! In 2023, we posted 49 articles and continued to add features to our MUiQ® UX testing platform to make it even easier to develop studies and analyze results. We hosted our eleventh UX Measurement Bootcamp, again as a blended virtual event with a combination

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Classifying Tech Savviness Levels with Technical Activity Checklists

In an earlier article, we demonstrated the validity of measuring tech savviness with technical activity checklists (TAC™) by analyzing the correlation between TAC scores and successful completion rates in four usability studies. The TAC scores significantly correlated with success rates (i.e., people with higher levels of tech savviness tended to complete more tasks). On average,

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Validating a Tech Savviness Metric for UX Research

Some participants in usability studies complete a task effortlessly, while others struggle with the same task. In retrospective UX surveys, some respondents report having an easy time using a website and strongly recommend it to others, but others report having a much poorer website experience. Why? What explains the discrepancy between experiences, especially when the

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Measuring Tech Savviness with Technical Activity Checklists

UX research is geared primarily toward understanding how to improve the experience of products, websites, and software. The intent is not to assess people but to use people to assess product experiences. But people’s ability to solve technical problems—what we often loosely refer to as tech savviness—can confound our research findings. That is, including only

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Initial Validation of Tech-Savvy Measures

How do you measure tech savviness? For several years (since 2015), we’ve been on a mission to develop a valid and practical measure. In our earlier articles, we have Reviewed the literature. We reviewed the literature on tech-savvy measures and found three key approaches to measuring tech-savviness by assessing (1) what a person knows, (2)

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Refining a Tech-Savvy Measure for UX Research

In an earlier article, we described a pilot study from 2015 in which we investigated how to measure tech savviness. Building on the published literature, we generated candidate items that measured three aspects of tech savviness: what people know, what people do, and what people feel. In that pilot study, we assessed knowledge using a

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In Search of a Tech-Savvy Measure for UX Research

How do you measure tech savviness? Abstract constructs such as usability, trustworthiness, intelligence, and desirability can be difficult to measure. The same applies to tech savviness. But to paraphrase Potter Stewart, we know a tech-savvy person when we see one. Tech savviness should matter to UX researchers. When we measure an experience, we don’t want

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