Validating a Lostness Measure

No one likes getting lost. In real life or digitally. One can get lost searching for a product to purchase, finding medical information, or clicking through a mobile app to post a social media status. Each link, button, and menu leads to decisions. And each decision can result in a mistake, leading to wasted time,

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10 Things to Know about the Technology Acceptance Model

A usable product is a better product. But even the most usable product isn’t adequate if it doesn’t do what it needs to. Products, software, websites, and apps need to be both usable and useful for people to “accept” them, both in their personal and professional lives. That’s the idea behind the influential Technology Acceptance Model

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Why You Should Measure UX Attitudes

Watching how people interact with an interface tells you a lot about what works and what needs improvement. And while observing behavior is essential for understanding the user experience, it’s not enough. Just because a product does what it should, is priced right, and is reliable, doesn’t mean it provides a good user experience. Users

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Linking UX Attitudes to Future Website Purchases

Users’ attitudes about an experience affect their future behavior. People who think a website is less usable or less attractive will probably visit less, purchase less, and recommend the website less. Understanding users’ attitudes now (easier to measure) can help predict users’ behavior in the future (harder to measure). At least that’s the idea behind using

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50 UX Metrics, Methods, & Measurement Articles from 2018

It was another busy year at MeasuringU. We posted 50 new articles, added new features to MUIQ—our UX testing platform, hosted our 6th UX Bootcamp, and released the book, Benchmarking the User Experience. We also moved into a bigger new space in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood. It’s three times the size of our old space

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SUPRQ_Restaurants_Report2018 featured

The UX of Restaurant Websites

Need food fast? Hate standing in line to place an order? Restaurant delivery is growing rapidly. But delivery service providers such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Just Eat aren’t the only food services that will deliver right to your office or door and save you a trip to a crowded (and often unremarkable) experience.

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The Methods UX Professionals Use (2018) featured

The Methods UX Professionals Use (2018)

The wide range of UX methods is one of the things that makes UX such an interesting field. Some methods have been around for decades (like usability testing), others are more recent additions, while some seem to be just slight variations on other existing methods. We’ve been tracking and analyzing the methods UX professionals report

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UX Brokerage Websites

The UX of Brokerage Websites

Buying and selling stocks has dramatically changed since the advent of the web. Online brokerages have made trades more accessible, faster, and dramatically cheaper for the retail investor. Prior to the web, it was common for a full-service broker to charge 2.5% for a stock trade. Now transactions are low-cost commodities with many trades costing

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Building a UX Metrics Scorecard

Businesses are full of metrics. Increasingly those metrics quantify the user experience (which is a good thing). Collecting consistent and standardized metrics allows organizations to better understand the current user experience of websites, software, and apps. It allows teams to track changes over time and compare to competitors and industry benchmarks. The idea of quantifying

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How Satisfied Are UX Professionals with Their Jobs?

There is more to a job than just the pay. The type of work you do and the people you work with have a lot to do with a sense of satisfaction. Consequently, job satisfaction has been measured extensively for decades in many industries. To gauge how satisfied UX practitioners are with their jobs, the

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