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MeasuringU is a mixed-methods research firm based in Denver, Colorado USA focusing on the statistical analysis of human behavior and quantifying the user experience.

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Here’s a quick overview of some popular articles to get started!

Usability Articles

97 Things to Know about Usability
A straightforward list of most everything you need to know about Usability.

10 Things to Know about Usability Problems
If you collect nothing else in a usability test it should be a list of problems encountered by users.
It seems so simple yet there is a rich history of how many users you need to test, what constitutes a problem and which method to use.

What Metrics are Collected in Usability Tests?
It is helpful to know what actually happens in usability tests, including what metrics people collect.

Comparison of Usability Testing Methods
There was a time when we spoke of usability testing it meant expensive labs and one-way mirrors.
Not anymore. There are three core ways of running usability tests.


Net Promoter Score

Predicting Net Promoter Scores from System Usability Scale Scores

Are Net Promoter Score Normally Distributed?


Sample Size

How to Find the Right Sample Size for a Usability Test

A Brief History of the Magic Number 5 in Usability Testing


Popular Products

Quantitative Starter Package for Usability Testing
The popular premium report on conducting quantitative usability tests and four helpful calculator packages which allow you to measure and report usability with confidence.

SUS Guide and Calculator Package
An Excel calculator and a comprehensive 165 page guide. The calculator provides easy ways of scoring your SUS, comparing it to 500 other studies, statistical comparisons and sample sizes calculations.
The guide explains everything you need to know about SUS, and provides background information, benchmarks and best-practices.



Quantifying the User Experience: Practical statistics for user research by Jeff Sauro & Jim Lewis

Excel and R Companion Book to Quantifying the UX by Jim Lewis & Jeff Sauro

A Practical Guide to the System Usability Scale by Jeff Sauro

A Practical Guide to Measuring Usability by Jeff Sauro


Since 2004 MeasuringU has been helping clients answer questions such as:

— How usable is an application?
— What is the probability a user will purchase a product?
— How large of a sample size do we need?
— Which design is preferred?
— Which design has a statistically higher conversion rate?
— How long will it take users to complete tasks?

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