UXR Testing Labs

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Our offices in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado house three in-house testing labs with connected observation rooms. We offer realistic couch-to-screen and desk environments for the following:

  • Eye-tracking studies 
  • Hardware testing (prototypes, VR headsets, existing products)
  • Software testing (apps, websites)
  • Group sessions


  • A connected observation room with one-way mirrors for real-time observation 
  • 360-degree camera angles with live streaming to observation room and virtual meetings
  • Custom camera setups to capture desired angles (video and audio) 
  • Large televisions with dual camera angle displays and livestream
  • Mirroring of mobile devices for moderator and client observation
  • Snacks and waters for clients to enjoy throughout the sessions

typical engagement price:

$10,000 – $80,000

typical duration:

0-5 weeks

Sample Output

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