Benchmarking the User Experience

Expected Publication Date: Summer 2018

Working Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to UX Benchmarking
Chapter 2: Planning & Defining Your Study
Chapter 3: Working Through Study Details
Chapter 4: Planning & Logistics
Chapter 5: Benchmark Metrics
Chapter 6: Sample Size Planning
Chapter 7: Writing the Study Script
Chapter 8: Preparing For Data Collection
Chapter 9: Participant Recruitment & Data Collection
Chapter 10: Analyzing & Displaying Your Data
Chapter 11: Advanced Analysis
Chapter 12: Reporting Your Results

Appendix A: A Checklist For Planning a UX Benchmark Study
Appendix B: 10 Best Practices for Competitive UX Benchmarking
Appendix C: 5 Common Mistakes in UX Benchmark Studies
Appendix D: Example Project Booking Form for Hotel Comparison Study
Appendix E: Example Study Script for an Unmoderated Study

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