MUIQ Advanced UX Testing Platform

MeasuringU Intelligent Questioning Platform (MUIQ) is an advanced remote testing platform for measuring the user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

As a thought-leader in the field of UX Research, MeasuringU is known for its mixed-methods research and ability to deliver high-quality qualitative and quantitative research for customer and user research. We developed MUIQ  as a one-stop, secure tool for researchers to collect and analyze user data based on the best practices honed over years of conducting user research. The result is an all inclusive platform that we now offer for licensing.

As a company, we utilize MUIQ to conduct UX research for our clients and are excited to offer other organizations a secure platform that is flexible, scalable, and has the features needed to support the diverse set of UX methods for testing websites, prototypes, and mobile apps.

The result is MUIQ—a platform that has the essential features and study types to support agile testing of websites, prototypes, and mobile apps, including:

  • Task-based studies for Desktop and Mobile
  • Tree Test Studies
  • Card Sort (open, closed, hybrid)
  • Prototype Testing
  • 30 Question Types
  • Website Intercepts
  • Screen Recording (Face and Voice)
  • Screen Blurring (to hide sensitive data)
  • Advanced Logic and Branching
  • Statistical Analysis (p-values, confidence intervals, cross tabs and more)
  • Visualizations and Metrics to Understand Website Behaviors

MUIQ is fully customizable for even the most complex research study.

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Core Features

Supported Study Types:Task-based Studies
Card Sorting (Open, Closed, & Hybrid)
Website Intercepts
Kano Features Study
Logic & Randomization: • Between/Within Subjects Design
• Condition Assignments
• Fully Customizable Randomization
• Advanced Logic & Branching
• Screen-outs and Custom Quotas
Reporting:• Real-Time Reports Dashboard
• Advanced Stats: Confidence Intervals & p-values
• Cross-tabbing & Custom Question Recategorization
• API Integration
• Excel/Sheets Output and Custom Graphs
Visualizations:• Click/Heat Maps
• Linear/Tree Paths
• Card Sort Similarity Matrices
• Session Screen Recordings (Desktop and Mobile)
• Think-Aloud Webcam Recordings (Picture-in-Picture)
Advanced Behavioral Analytics:• Scrolling
• Repeat Clicks
• Non-Clickable Elements
• Long Delays Between Clicks
Question Types:• 30+ Question Types
• JavaScript Customization
• Question Templatization
SUPR-Q, SUS, with Benchmark Integration (200+ Website Database)
Core UX Metrics (ISO 9241 pt. 11):
Task Completion Rates (via Validation Question or URL)
Time on Task (Filter by Task Success/Failure)
Perceived Ease (SEQ), Confidence, and Other Post-Task Questions
Languages:• Multi-Language Support
Training:• Live Onboarding
• Training Sessions
Technical Support:• 4 Hours of Technical Support from Dedicated Research Team at MeasuringU



Participant Recruiting (À la carte)

General Consumer:• $20/participant (US-based)
Advanced/Technical Participant Profiles:• Pricing/availability – on request


Platform Access (per team)

Number of Seats:• Five Seats (additional seats by request)
License per Team• One license per team
Concurrent Studies:• Unlimited Studies
Sample Size per Study:• Unlimited Sample Size
Platforms:• Desktop
• Mobile/Tablet (iOS & Android)
Storage:• 100 Gigabytes
Price:• $49,980/year
Price w/High Performance Dedicated Server*:
*If you plan to store a lot of studies and videos
• $59,976/year



MUIQ in Action

Task-Based Surveys: MUIQ offers a comprehensive web-based task system capable of evaluating a wide variety of tasks on a website.


Results Graphs: Real-time report dashboards.


Statistical Analysis: Easy comparisons across tasks and conditions.


Click Maps: One of the best ways to diagnose interaction problems is through the right visualizations. Click maps highlight the clickable element on a webpage.


Heat Maps: Visualize where users click on a webpage regardless of whether the elements are clickable or not and displayed by resolution.


Linear URL Paths:  Quickly see the most common paths users take.


Tree URL Paths:  Get a comprehensive view of every page visited and search for keywords or URLs.


Screen Recording: See what your users see. Session recordings available for desktop and mobile. Ability to disable recordings to protect sensitive user information and easy download capability for distributing.


Think-Aloud Webcam Recordings (Picture-in-Picture): Allow participants to record their webcam and think aloud.


Contact us for a demo

Work with our team of professional researchers to develop a custom study to fit your project needs. Contact us to learn more about our MUIQ platform service and licensing options.

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