MeasuringU is a full-service research firm and software provider specializing in the quantitative and qualitative measurement of users’ attitudes and experiences. We conduct in-person and remote studies using a variety of methods, including surveys, moderated and unmoderated task-based usability tests, and eye-tracking studies.

We provide a mixed-method/multi-metric services for each phase of research: study design, survey hosting, participant recruitment, data analysis and presentation. 

Many of our services take place at our in-house UXR Testing Labs and work in conjunction with our MUiQ Advanced UX Testing Platform.



Usability & UX Testing

Usability/UX testing can be conducted using a moderated and/or unmoderated method and have different goals, usually finding problems (formative evaluation) or measuring the current experience (called a benchmark/summative evaluation). We conduct usability tests on just about any interface, the most common are: desktop websites, software for B2C and B2B, mobile web, mobile apps, prototypes, voice user interfaces, hardware (e.g. TVs, remote controls, speakers).

Information Architecture Testing

Information architecture (IA) refers to the organization (taxonomy) and content (labels) often found in menus of software and websites. We gather user insights through card sorts and tree tests to generate IA design recommendations and to analyze navigation patterns across conceptual menu structures.

Eye-Tracking & Behavioral Coding

In addition to our standard task-based behavioral UX metrics (e.g. task success, clicks, time on task), eye-tracking and behavioral coding can gather further physiological and emotional insights from users as they engage with an interface. Specialized eye-tracking hardware provides a precise real-time trail of how users visually navigate across the UI. Facial expression coding can identify emotional pain points and delight along the user journey.

User Research & Surveys

Surveys are an essential and cost-effective tool for many stages in customer and user research. For generative research, we can identify top tasks, desirable features, and personas and user segments. For evaluative research, we can measure attitudes towards current or conceptual brands/products. By collecting demographic information we can further crosstab any measure of interest by segment. The nature of the questions differs depending on the goals of the survey research.

Measurement & Statistics

We have developed industry standard measures including the SUPR-Q, SEQ, and have written the book on the SUS. We provide meaning through measurement.

Expert UI Reviews

We also specialize in trained expert reviews of interfaces to effectively identify pain points without the need for participants. We have also written extensively on the PURE method, the Practical Usability Ratings by Experts.

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