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The choice of UX leaders:

The choice of UX leaders:

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Usability Studies

Run task-based usability studies on desktop and mobile apps/websites, full-study think-aloud and screen recordings, URL paths, click/heat maps, and built-in analyses for task success, ease, and time on task.

graphical elements conveying usability studies, with a computer screen, a hot spot on the screen, and a microphone
graphical elements conveying information architecture

IA Testing

Test the information architecture of your product through  customizable click tests, tree tests, card sorts, and 5-second tests.


Set up a range of survey questions with flow logic, quotas, and randomization to identify the behaviors and motivations of your users.

graphical elements of different study question types, including check box, radio box, and asterisk
illustration of moderator and participant on laptop with speech bubbles

Moderated Sessions

Coming in 2024.

Run moderated sessions with live participant video chats, screensharing, hidden observers, automated recordings and transcripts.

Experimental Conditions

Set up your study based on between- or within-subjects experimental designs with specific assignment criteria and load balancing.

visual elements combined to convey conditional logic within the MUIQ platform
graphical elements conveying report dashboards of MUiQ, including different types of graphs

Results Dashboards

Real-time analysis of study results including advanced statistics, interactive visualizations, Excel exports, and built-in comparisons across conditions or competitor platforms.

graphical elements conveying participant recruitment for study taking

Participant Recruitment

Launch your study to online participant panels directly from MUiQ. Target specific participant profiles and customize your recruitment requirements, including website intercepts and feedback tabs.

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Support & Training


Receive ongoing technical support from the MUiQ team at MeasuringU


Live onboarding and training sessions


Multi-language support for studies

greek figure holding an open book wearing a headset
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Platform Access

$59,980 / year

Learn more about MUiQ.

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