First Click Times on Websites Versus Images

It’s a lot faster to mock up an image of a webpage than to build a working webpage. Using images as prototypes allows for quick iterations and testing by having participants click on locations as if it were a real working webpage or app. But does an image used in a click test elicit the

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The UX of Dating Apps and Websites (2024)

The current climate for dating apps is changing. Dating app download rates are declining and users are experiencing dating app fatigue. While many have found long and fulfilling relationships through online dating, today’s swiping singles are more hopeless and discontented with the experience than when we last examined this industry in 2019. To make up

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How Many People Actually Recommend?

Purchases and referrals are two closely tracked company metrics. If you can predict the extent to which people will purchase and recommend, then you will have some idea about future revenue and growth. Much of that forecasting is done through surveys using behavioral intention questions. The behavior for purchasing is, of course, actually buying something.

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Are Opt-In Online Panels Too Inaccurate?

It’s hard to conduct user research without users. And current and prospective users are often people who sign up to an online panel to get paid for taking studies. But who are these people who spend time taking surveys, unmoderated usability studies, and product concept evaluations? Can we trust them? We’ve written before about the

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How to Analyze Click Test Metrics in Stand-Alone Studies

In an earlier article, we reviewed when and why to use click testing. Click testing involves presenting images to participants and tracking where they click based on tasks participants are asked to complete. It’s typically administered using a tool like the MUiQ® platform. As we cover in our short course, click testing tends to be

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of U.S. Government Websites (2024)

We conduct most of our internal SUPR-Q® research on commercial websites in a wide variety of industries, but people who visit government websites also have user experiences. They need government websites to provide information (e.g., national park hours) and services (e.g., downloading a tax document). In general, government websites must work well for a broad

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Top Box, Top-Two Box, Bottom Box, or Net Box?

One box, two box, red box, blue box … Box scoring isn’t just something they do in baseball. Response options for rating scale data are often referred to as boxes because, historically, paper-administered surveys displayed rating scales as a series of boxes to check, like the one in Figure 1. Figure 1: Illustration of “boxes”

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Are Click Scales More Sensitive than Radio Button Scales?

Response scales are a basic type of interface. They should reflect the attitude of the respondent as precisely as possible while requiring as little effort as possible to answer. When collecting data from participants, some wished they could have picked a value between two numbers, for example, 5.5 or 6.5, which can be done with

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You Can Report Percentages with Small Samples, but Should You?

In an earlier article, we demonstrated how it’s completely permissible from a statistical perspective to report numbers when studies have very small sample sizes (fewer than ten people). When you use numbers, you can present them as raw numbers, fractions, or percentages. You can present them in a report, on a train, or on a

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Flower Delivery Websites (2024)

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and many shoppers will be turning toward online flower delivery services rather than visiting their local florist. Online flower delivery services continue to bloom because of the convenience, the wide selection, and the available personalization options. But when it comes to finding the right bouquet that is delivered fresh

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A Blueprint for Writing Survey Questions

Like with writing an article or book, it can be a challenge to sit down and write survey items. Few professionals have taken a formal course in survey development. Instead, most rely on their experiences or best practices. To help with the process, we wrote Surveying the User Experience. In this article, we take you

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