Net Promoter Score, Growth, and Profitability of Transportation Companies

Korneta examined concurrently collected NPS and financial data from 34 Polish transportation companies between 2014–2016, providing NPS scores from 76 observations. The NPS data was collected in a EuroLogistics report and the financial data was collected from the Emerging Markets Information Service.

The author examined nine business metrics. He found NPS had modest but statistically significant spearman rank correlations with return on assets (ρ = .32), return on equity (ρ = .36), return on sales profitability (ρ = .25), and return on equity measured before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (ρ = .26).

Takeaway: The author found the NPS had modest, but statistically significant correlations (r = .25 to .36) with concurrently collected business metrics in the Polish transportation industry.

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