Personas are archetypal users meant to represent a large segment of users of a product or service. They can be used by product teams to make better design and feature decisions that focus on what the person needs and by marketing teams to understand current and potential customers.

MeasuringU employs a mixed-methods approach that combines quantitative and qualitative methods to create the right number and type of personas. The quantitative component involves collecting data from large and representative surveys to build statistically reliable models of clusters and makes the segments generalizable. The qualitative component involves observation, ethnographic research, and in-depth interviews to create a deeper understanding of users’ goals, behaviors, attitudes, and motivations.

MeasuringU provides full-service support for building personas from existing customer data or in conjunction with a segmentation analysis.


  • Refining research questions, methods, and hypotheses. We leverage existing user data (if available) or recommend a mixed-methods services to collect quantitative survey data and combine it with in-depth qualitative data.
  • Defining and writing questions (quantitative) that capture demographics and psychographics (attitudes and beliefs) and creating scenarios and moderator guides (qualitative).
  • Hosting and programming the survey with appropriate logic (for the quantitative component).
  • Recommending the right sample size. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all number; instead we work to identify the right number based on the type of study and level of precision needed.  For segmentation surveys that feed persona formation, the right sample size is a function of how precise we need to be. Most large-scale segmentations have 1000+ participants, which allows for stable clusters and small subgroups.  For in-person interviews and observations the same sizes are typically 5-10 per segment.


MeasuringU can manage and recruit qualified participants for persona studies. We assist in developing screeners, scheduling participants, and managing participant honorariums and communication.


Personas integrate qualitative and quantitative data. Typical deliverables include

  • Persona Descriptions: A high-level view of the number, names, and descriptions of the key variables that differentiate personas. Additionally, we provide detailed descriptions of attitudes, goals, and beliefs with supporting quotes, pictures, examples, and estimates of the persona size.
  • Typing Tool: When combining large scale segmentation data with personas we can create a “typing” tool, which predicts the persona fit based on answers to key variables.

typical engagement price:

$30,000- $80,000

typical duration:

4-8 weeks

Sample Output

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