Top-Tasks Analysis


While there are hundreds to thousands of things users can accomplish on websites and in  software, there are a critical few tasks that drive users to visit a website or use the software. A top-tasks analysis is a method that relies on user input to separate the critical tasks from the trivial ones.

MeasuringU provides full services for conducting a top-tasks analysis.


  • Refining research questions, hypotheses and metrics.
  • Defining the right tasks and task wordings to present to participants and recommending pre and post-study questions.
  • Hosting the testing environment to present tasks to participants in randomized order.
  • Recommending the right sample size: For top-tasks, the “right” sample size is a function of how precise we need to be. Most top-tasks studies have between 100-200 participants, which provides a margin of error of around 6%-5% but we have found helpful data with as few as 15 participants.


MeasuringU can manage and recruit qualified participants from around the world. We assist in screener development, scheduling and managing participant honorariums and communication.


A top-task analysis provides a prioritized list of tasks based on participants rating.  We provide confidence intervals to understand the uncertainty and differences between task rankings and cross-tabbing by subgroups.  More information on top-tasks analyses.

Typical Engagement Price:

$10,000 – $20,000


2-4 weeks

Sample Output

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