Unmoderated Testing

Unmoderated usability tests use software that administers tasks and questions to participants around the world without the need of a facilitator. It is a highly effective technique for collecting a lot of data quickly.

MeasuringU has extensive experience with unmoderated platforms like Loop11 and we use our own customizable testing and survey platform MUIQ that integrates task-based questions with 30 other question types with logic, quotas and randomization suitable for even the most complex experimental setups.


  • Supports task-based questions.
  • Shows where users click with heatmaps.
  • Recording sessions of users on websites (including web apps and https).
  • Automatically collects task times and click paths.
  • Tracks advanced metrics on in-page behavior (clicking, scrolling, and latency).
  • Supports full survey logic and 30 question types.
  • Supports post-task and pre- and post study questions.
  • Randomizes tasks and groups.

Unmoderated testing isn’t always the best usability testing method. For complex tasks that aren’t easily verified with a question or URL and websites or apps that require authentication, purchases, or customized account access, moderating testing may be a better services.

Licensing cost of MUIQ is included in the services agreement.

Sample Output

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