An Overview of MUIQ UX Testing Platform


UX Webinar

An Overview of MeasuringU’s MUIQ UX Testing Platform


Speakers: Kim Oslob and Harrison Hatfield

Event Date: Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

Event Time: 10:00 AM PT


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This will be a high level overview of the MUIQ platform with the ability to have your questions answered live!

The MeasuringU Intelligent Questioning Platform (MUIQ) is an advanced remote UX testing platform for measuring the user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

We developed MUIQ  as a one-stop, secure tool for researchers to collect and analyze user data based on the best practices honed over years of conducting user research. The result is an all inclusive platform that we now offer for licensing.

Study types and features in MUIQ include:

  • Task-based studies for Desktop and Mobile
  • Advanced Surveys (Kano, MaxDiff, Top Tasks)
  • Prototype Testing for Desktop and Mobile
  • Tree Test Studies
  • Card Sort (open, closed, hybrid)
  • 30 Question Types
  • Website Intercepts
  • Screen Recording (Face and Voice)
  • Screen Blurring (to hide sensitive data)
  • Advanced Logic and Branching
  • Statistical Analysis (p-values, confidence intervals, cross tabs and more)
  • Visualizations and Metrics to Understand Website Behaviors

Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn more about the platform!


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