UX Webinar:
Surveying the User Experience

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UX Webinar

Surveying the User Experience:

A Discussion on Key Takeaways with Jeff Sauro and Jim Lewis


Speakers: Jeff Sauro, PhD and Jim Lewis, PhD

Host: Leah Samuelson, MS

Event Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Event Time: 10:00 AM PT


Do we really need another book about surveys?  Well, Jeff and Jim certainly thought so!  In their latest book, Surveying the User Experience, they provide the latest research on survey design, tailored for the UX professional.  There are many books on surveys, but many of their recommendations are based on surveying highly charged political or social issues rather than user experiences and are often conventions rather than being informed by research.

In this webinar, MeasuringU’s Lead Researcher, Leah Samuelson, will host a lively discussion with Jim and Jeff about some of the key topics covered in the book, including:

  1. Why surveys remain a popular method in UX research.
  2. Bias certainly exists with surveys but why that alone shouldn’t stop you from using them.
  3. Differences in how survey items are displayed can affect response behaviors, but most differences are quite small.
  4. How an emphasis on rating scales can substantially reduce sample sizes needed for surveys.
  5. Different approaches to analyzing survey data.


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