Click Testing


Click testing involves asking participants to click an area or areas on an image based on your study criteria. This may be a static image of current website or application content, or a prototype of potential user interface options. Click testing requires software and is part of the MUIQ platform.

Click testing is useful for understanding where participants expect to find information on a screen.

Click testing can be used to better understand participant instincts of where to click to:

  • Find information on websites
  • Navigate to products
  • Access specific menus within an application


  • Refining research questions, hypotheses, and metrics. We work with the product teams to identify the images to show and the areas of interest within the images (Hotspot Regions).
  • Hosting the study in an unmoderated testing environment using our custom testing platform.
  • Recommending the right sample size.


MeasuringU can manage and recruit qualified participants. We assist in developing screeners, scheduling, and managing participant honorariums and communication.


A click test provides both metrics and visual representations of participant clicks. The most common outputs include first or total clicks:

  1. within specified “Hotspot Regions” (success/neutral/fail)
  2. as dots on the image
  3. as dots with heat gradients added
  4. as a spatial heat gradient

typical engagement price:

$15,000 – $35,000

typical duration:

2-5 weeks

Sample Output

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