Conjoint & MaxDiff Analysis

Measurement Approaches


In a conjoint analysis, qualified participants are asked to rate their interest, satisfaction or preferences for different combinations of items, features, products or concepts.

The idea behind techniques like conjoint analysis is to break down products, websites, or services into smaller components to understand what’s the most important to customers.   We use different conjoint algorithms based on the research goals: Full Profile Conjoint, Adaptive Choice Based and MaxDiff.

MeasuringU provides full support for Conjoint Analysis, from planning, hosting, recruitment and analysis.


  • Refining research questions, hypotheses and the type of conjoint algorithm.
  • Refining the features to be rated, writing the question, and recommending pre and post-study questions.
  • Conjoint questions are typically included in a larger survey of potential or prospective customers and we host using our custom survey platform.
  • Recommending the right sample size: There isn’t one size-fits all number, instead the right number is based on the level of precision needed. Most conjoint studies have between 150-300 participants, which provides a margin of error of around 5-7%.


MeasuringU can manage and recruit qualified participants. We assist in screener development, scheduling and managing participant honorariums and communication.


The MeasuringU team analyzes the raw conjoint responses and provides visual displays of the results along with guidance on interpretation and next-steps.

typical engagement price:

$15,000 – $45,000

typical duration:

3-5 weeks

Sample Output

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