PURE Evaluation Training

A PURE Evaluation is an analytic method of measuring an interface using two or more evaluators and devising a score that estimates the level of “friction” a typical participant is likely to encounter while using an interface. The evaluation entails experts familiar with UX principles and heuristics rating a user experience based on a pre-defined rubric. It is essentially an extension of the Cognitive Walk-through method with a more refined scoring output.

MeasuringU offers customized PURE training courses to teach individuals or organizations how to apply the PURE evaluation method. PURE method training is available in both remote and in-person course formats.


PURE training courses include:

  • Half-day or full-day training with 3 – 15 participants (remote or in-person)
  • Overview of the PURE method and when to use it
  • Detailed explanation and examples of how to apply a PURE evaluation
  • Learn how to identify potential friction points in an interface
  • Understand when conducting multiple PURE evaluations is necessary
  • Evaluate an example product/service as a group using the PURE method
  • Learn how to create a PURE score card and interpret the results
  • Advising on how to independently use the PURE method for future projects
  • (Optional): Follow-up evaluation/consultation of PURE method implementation


PURE training courses are taught by Jeff Sauro and the MeasuringU research team.

Typical Engagement Price:

$15,000 – $25,000

Typical Duration:

1-2 weeks

Sample Output

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