Usability 101 Quiz

Jeff Sauro, PhD

The quarter just ended for a graduate level class I taught on Usability at the University of Denver.

Here are eleven questions I wanted to be sure everyone in the class could answer and understand.

See how well you can answer some questions on the core concepts of usability, with an emphasis on usability evaluation. Links to additional information are shown after you submit your answers. Special thanks to Joe Dumas, Jim Lewis and Randolph Bias for contributing and commenting on some of the items.

Number 2 Pencils Please…

  1. What technique involves having an experienced evaluator apply a set of guidelines or principles in examining an interface?
  2. When conducting a usability test, what technique is often employed to help uncover problems?
  3. A sample size of five users in a usability test will:
  4. A confidence interval tells you:
  5. If you wanted to assess the navigation of a website, which technique would be the best recommendation?
  6. Usability as defined in the International Standard, ISO 9241 pt 11 is defined generally as:
  7. Which of the following metrics provides the best measure of efficiency?
  8. Formative usability testing can best be described as
  9. Summative usability testing can best be described as
  10. Which of the following are the two best ways of prioritizing usability problems?
  11. The evaluator effect can best be described as:

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