Benchmarking the User Experience
(Digital Copy)

Benchmarking the User Experience
(Digital Copy)


Product Description

Benchmarking the User Experience is a practical book about how to measure the user experience of websites, software, mobile apps, products, or just about anything people use. This book is for UX researchers, designers, product owners, or anyone who has a vested interest in improving the experience of websites and products.

In this book, I use practical examples gleaned through my years of experience to illustrate what benchmarking is and how you can use this technique to measure users’ experiences. I use examples of studies that the team at MeasuringU, a quantitative research firm that I founded, have worked on to give you constructive information that will help you formulate and/or understand your benchmarking studies, which ultimately helps you understand your audience and customers.

This is an electronic (downloadable) PDF copy of the book. You can also purchase a full color hard copy on Amazon.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to UX Benchmarking

Chapter 2: Planning & Defining Your Study

Chapter 3: Working Through Study Details

Chapter 4: Planning & Logistics

Chapter 5: Benchmark Metrics

Chapter 6: Sample Size Planning

Chapter 7: Writing the Study Script

Chapter 8: Preparing For Data Collection

Chapter 9: Participant Recruitment & Data Collection

Chapter 10: Analyzing & Displaying Your Data

Chapter 11: Advanced Analysis

Chapter 12: Reporting Your Results

Appendix A: A Checklist For Planning a UX Benchmark Study

Appendix B: 10 Best Practices for Competitive UX Benchmarking

Appendix C: 5 Common Mistakes in UX Benchmark Studies

Appendix D: Example Project Booking Form for Hotel Comparison Study

Appendix E: Example Study Script for an Unmoderated Study


License Details

Individual License: provides one person/seat within an organization access to the license.

Site License: provides multiple people/seats within the organization access to the license.

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