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Foundations of Survey Design in UX Research

In a typical week, we are asked to complete surveys on everything: our most recent restaurant experience, our interaction with an airline’s customer service department, and our recollection of our last online purchase, to name just a few. Surveys are ubiquitous. Not surprisingly, many people hold strong opinions about their proper usage in applied research

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Comparing ChatGPT to Card Sorting Results

ChatGPT is probably not going to take your UX research job. However, another researcher who can use AI tools such as ChatGPT effectively might. In an earlier article, we explored using ChatGPT-4 to augment researchers’ abilities to sort open-ended comments. We found that the results were comparable to how humans performed, although they had some

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10 Key Takeaways from the Latest Research on Thinking Aloud in Usability Testing

In Think Aloud (TA) testing, participants speak their thoughts while attempting tasks. The process is meant to help researchers identify usability problems and potential fixes. It’s a distinctive method in UX research. Despite its popularity, there are many open research questions about the efficacy and potential side effects of think-aloud research. Researchers still disagree on

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49 UX Metrics, Methods, & Measurement Articles from 2023

All of us at MeasuringU® wish you a Happy New Year! In 2023, we posted 49 articles and continued to add features to our MUiQ® UX testing platform to make it even easier to develop studies and analyze results. We hosted our eleventh UX Measurement Bootcamp, again as a blended virtual event with a combination

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Sample Sizes for Comparing Rating Scales to a Benchmark

Is product satisfaction above average? Is it best in class? Do customers have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the current product? When UX researchers want to measure attitudes and intentions, they often ask respondents to complete multipoint items like the one shown in Figure 1. It’s also common to set a target benchmark for

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Do Images Change Card Sort Results?

Card sorting is a popular activity that researchers use to understand how people group and associate items such as products or information. Using a research platform like MUIQ®, card sorting is typically done electronically and often without an attending moderator. One advantage of digital over physical card sorting is that it’s easier to add images

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Do Images Make Card Sorting Easier?

Card sorting is a popular UX method. Developers often use card sorting to restructure the navigation (Information Architecture) of a website or a software’s menu structure. But sorting cards isn’t necessarily the most intuitive exercise. It takes concentration and time to think about where to place cards and what to call the groups (for open

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48 UX Metrics, Methods, & Measurement Articles from 2022

All of us at MeasuringU® wish you a Happy New Year! In 2022, we posted 48 articles and welcomed several new clients to our MUIQ® UX testing platform, where we continue to add new features and reduce the friction in developing studies and analyzing results. We hosted our ninth UX Measurement Bootcamp—this time a blended

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Four Ways to Pick the Right UX Method

User experience research has many methods. Some methods, such as usability testing, are used frequently and have been around for decades. Other, more recent additions, such as click testing, are useful variations on existing methods. Selecting the right UX method means narrowing down the available methods to those that will address (1) the primary research

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A Taxonomy of Common UX Research Methods

User experience research has a wide variety of methods. From one perspective, it’s good because there’s usually a method for whatever research question you need to answer. On the other hand, it’s hard to keep track of all these methods. Some methods, such as usability testing, are commonly used and have been around for decades.

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