Confidence Interval Comparison Calculator

Confidence Interval Comparison Calculator


Product Description

Compare the four different binomial confidence calculations: Adjusted-Wald, Wald, Exact and Score in an Excel spreadsheet. This calculator contains all the formulas for you to easily compare the methods and integrate them into your Excel workbooks.

Features & Benefits

  • Computes the Adjusted-Wald, Wald, Exact and Score confidence intervals
  • Easily integrate the formulas into your spreadsheets
  • Specify any confidence level (e.g. 95%, 99%, 98%)
  • Supports both 1 and 2 Tailed Confidence Intervals
  • Provides both methods for computing a confidence interval when there are all successes or all failures. One method uses 1 -tailed critical value and the other uses a 2-tailed critical value.
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