Survey Sample Size Package

Survey Sample Size Package


Product Description

A 27 page how-to-guide and Excel calculator that computes sample sizes for rating scales and binary response items. This package allows you to easily answer the common question: What sample size do I need for my survey? It includes plenty of examples and tips for computing the right sample size based on the question type and response analysis for Binary Responses, Rating Scales and Net Promoter Scores.

Benefits & Features

  • What Sample Size do I need for this survey? How many times have you heard or said that? This package solves your problems by providing calculators, explanations, formulas and plenty of tips for navigating sample size questions.
  • The math is done for you! If you think sample size calculations are magic and not math, the guide and real-time calculations will show you how it’s possible to generate reliable sample size estimates.
  • Built in Industry Assumptions Not sure what standard deviation to use? The calculator has built in benchmarks from Market Research that allows you to be intelligent predictions about sample size.
  • Sample Size for Proportion of Promoters If you use the popular Net Promoter question (Are you likely to recommend a product to a friend?) this guide shows you how to compute the right sample size for finding the percent promoters and a new confidence interval calculator around a Net Promoter Score
  • Confidence Interval BONUS As an added bonus, I’ve included three confidence interval calculators. These calculators allow you to understand the margin of error before and after you sample for a Net Promoter Score, Binary Response and Rating Scale response.


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