A Practical Guide to the System Usability Scale (SUS)

A Practical Guide to the System Usability Scale (SUS)


Product Description

A 150 page guide that provides background, benchmarks and best practices for using the System Usability Scale. Compare your SUS score to 500 other applications, compute the needed sample size, understand the history and limitations of SUS as well as several practical tips for minimizing coding errors.

This is an electronic (downloadable) copy of A Practical Guide to the System Usability Scale (SUS). You may purchase a hard copy on Amazon.

Features & Benefits

The guide was assembled from 10 years of research and 25 years of data from over 5000 users. It contains the most comprehensive guide to using the most popular questionnaire for measuring perceptions of usability.

  • How to Interpret Your SUS Score
  • How to Compare your SUS Score to a Benchmark or other samples
  • Converting a SUS score into a Percentile Rank and Letter Grade (A+ through F)
  • Computing The Appropriate Sample Size
  • Discussion on Reliability & Validity
  • Acceptable Modifications to SUS
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
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