NPS Stats Calculator Package

NPS Stats Calculator Package


Product Description

The NPS Excel stats calculator package provides everything you need to do with NPS. Net promoter scores require special statistical manipulations because they are made up of two proportions (Promoters – Detractors). This stats package computes NPS confidence intervals, compares two NPSs statistically, compares NPS to a benchmark, and provides needed sample sizes.

Features & Benefits

NPS Confidence Intervals
– CIs for Net Promoter Score Raw Data
– CIs for Net Promoter Score Summary Data
– CIs for Proportions (e.g. Proportion of Promoters)

NPS Comparisons
– Comparing Two NPS
– Comparing NPS to a Benchmark

NPS Sample Sizes Needed
– For a Net Promoter Score Confidence Interval
– For Comparing Two NPS
– For Comparing an NPS to a Benchmark

License Details

The NPS stats calculator package license term is for 1 year. Any updates are included with the annual license fee.

1-year Individual License: provides one person/seat within an organization access to the license.

1-year Site License: provides multiple people/seats within the organization access to the license.

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