Average Task Time Calculator


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Product Description

An excel calculator for task times that provides an easy way to compute the geometric mean, confidence intervals and a 1-sample t-test to compare a sample against a benchmark.

Features & Benefits

  • How long does it take users to complete a task? Reports the best average task time based on your data and adjusts for non-normal task time data.
  • Confidence Intervals: Compute accurate confidence intervals to show you the likely range of the true average task time from any size sample of users.
  • Are users taking too long? Test whether your data exceeds a benchmark or goal (1-Sample t-test), for example, would all users be able to complete a task in less than 60 seconds?
  • Graph of the average task time and confidence intervals.
  • Corrects Non-Normal Task Time Data: Time on task data is positively skewed making it incompatible with many statistical tests. The calculator automatically corrects for the skewed data and generate accurate results.

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