Usability Statistics Package

Usability Statistics Package


Product Description

Use these sets of calculators to compute the most common statistical tests on usability data. Compare small and large sample completion rates, compare task times, compare satisfaction scores, generate confidence intervals and compare a completion rate and task time to a criterion. This package takes the guess work out of what tests to perform on your usability data.

Features & Benefits

  • Covers the most needed statistical tests for usability data: compare task times or completion rates; generate confidence intervals or compare a sample mean to a criterion (e.g. can at least 70% of users complete the task?)
  • Designed for small and large sample data : Many lab-based usability tests have less than 15 users, the package is designed to compute the precise results for both very small and very large sample sizes.
  • How to Report: Each statistical test comes with different ways of communicating the statistical results in plain English.
  • Corrects Non-Normal Task Time Data: Time on task data is positively skewed making it incompatible with many statistical tests. The calculators automatically correct for the skewed data and generate accurate results.
  • No hidden computations see the cell formulas to better understand how the statistical tests are computed
  • Customize the formulas or integrate the calculators with other Excel files and using Excel’s built-in graphing and other statistical functions
  • Easily share results using excel or link the calculators to other workbooks.
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