UX & NPS Benchmark Report for Airline Websites (2022)

UX & NPS Benchmark Report for Airline Websites (2022)


Product Description

An analysis of 600 participants on 12 popular domestic and international airline websites: Air Canada, Air France, Alaska Air, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Southwest, and United, plus analysis of think-aloud usability test sessions for Delta, Frontier, Ryanair, and United.

This report contains UX benchmarks (SUPR-Q, Net Promoter Scores, and UX-Lite), Key Driver Analyses, and Areas of Improvement.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Study Design Details (Retrospective and Think-Aloud)
  • SUPR-Q & NPS Summary
  • Key Findings: SUPR-Q & NPS
  • Estimated SUS Scores
  • UX-Lite
  • Overall Website Brand Attitude
  • Platform Usage
  • Likelihood for Continued Use
  • Attitudes for Discontinued Use (PMF)
  • Key Drivers of UX Quality
  • SUPR-Qm Mobile App Scores
  • Areas for Improvement
    • Verbatim Comments
    • Issue Screenshots/Videos
  • 2019 vs. 2022 Comparison
  • Appendix
    • Demographics



Individual License: provides one person within an organization access to the license.

Site License: provides multiple people within the organization access to the license.

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