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Top Box, Top-Two Box, Bottom Box, or Net Box?

One box, two box, red box, blue box … Box scoring isn’t just something they do in baseball. Response options for rating scale data are often referred to as boxes because, historically, paper-administered surveys displayed rating scales as a series of boxes to check, like the one in Figure 1. Figure 1: Illustration of “boxes”

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You Can Report Percentages with Small Samples, but Should You?

In an earlier article, we demonstrated how it’s completely permissible from a statistical perspective to report numbers when studies have very small sample sizes (fewer than ten people). When you use numbers, you can present them as raw numbers, fractions, or percentages. You can present them in a report, on a train, or on a

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UX and NPS Benchmarks of Banking Websites (2024)

Online banking is ubiquitous. Banking websites and apps are an integral part of our financial lives. They are no longer seen as merely nice-to-have features of a banking relationship. Consumers have come to expect the ability to do simple and complex banking transactions from their computers or phones. This digital transformation especially accelerated during the

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An Experiment Comparing 2D and 1D Bar Graphs

The time it takes to click on an element on a page is a function of its size (Fitts’ Law). People can only keep 7 ± 2 items in short-term memory (Miller’s Magic Number). When multiple similar objects are presented, people will prefer the most different one (Von Restorff Effect). People like to have laws

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Using ChatGPT in Tree Testing:
Experimental Results

Beyond speculation and hyperbole, we’ve been exploring how ChatGPT can be used in UX research. In two earlier articles, we conducted analyses that suggested ChatGPT may have a role, given the right research context. In the first analysis, we found that ChatGPT-4 was able to assist researchers in sorting open-ended comments. In the second analysis,

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Defining and Finding Participants for Survey Research

You’ve decided to conduct a survey. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get into the details. In our experience, one of the most soul-crushing difficulties of running surveys is the process of defining and finding participants. In this article, we’ll go over some of the logistical details you’ll want to sort out before launching your survey.

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Do the Interior Labels of the SMEQ Affect Its Scores?

When trying to measure something abstract and multi-faceted like “User Experience,” you should be open to considering and assessing different measurement approaches. Some are popular and others are obscure. At MeasuringU, we’ve found that even when we don’t necessarily recommend a measure or method, we can often adapt aspects of it and apply them to

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Assessing Interrater Reliability in UX Research

Do researchers agree on what the problems are in an interface? And will researchers group the problems into the same categories? When coding open-ended comments in a survey, will different researchers classify the comments differently? These discovery and classification activities are quite common in UX research, but they are often conducted by a single person

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10 Key Takeaways from the Latest Research on Thinking Aloud in Usability Testing

In Think Aloud (TA) testing, participants speak their thoughts while attempting tasks. The process is meant to help researchers identify usability problems and potential fixes. It’s a distinctive method in UX research. Despite its popularity, there are many open research questions about the efficacy and potential side effects of think-aloud research. Researchers still disagree on

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49 UX Metrics, Methods, & Measurement Articles from 2023

All of us at MeasuringU® wish you a Happy New Year! In 2023, we posted 49 articles and continued to add features to our MUiQ® UX testing platform to make it even easier to develop studies and analyze results. We hosted our eleventh UX Measurement Bootcamp, again as a blended virtual event with a combination

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